Brick Walls For Your Home

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We are sure that now, you have got a good understanding of different types of brick wall designs and how you can integrate it into the interior of your house. Here are tips for making yours the centerpiece of your room, along with how to drill holes in them to mount photos and other decorations, before painting your brick walls. Plus, you will find tips on drilling into the bricks to hang art, as well as painting the bricks. We put together this comprehensive guide to using brick with Brick Makers as a design element in your home, as well as how to add it if you do not have any.

There are even ways you can incorporate the beauty and warmth of a brick accent wall in your contemporary interiors, without actually relying on classic brick. There are a lot of different ways of creating accent walls, and some of them involve using a particular material, like brick, for example. Even contemporary furnishings will appear starker when set off by a brick accent wall. Brick accent walls have such rich textures, giving a room so much character.

Here’s another kitchen with a brick accent wall, but this time, the design is a mix of rustic and industrial influences. Back to industrial design influences, here we are looking at a bathroom, where an exposed brick accent wall is complimented with a white marble shower and a wood floor. An exposed brick wall can add bold character to any space, and it can be used throughout the room to improve its appearance. The accent wall of brick provides a textured, warm background to all of the cool metallic elements and industrial-style features.

This design for a brick wallpaper is an affordable choice for the trendy buyer, which replicates the appearance of expensive brick walls at a fraction of the cost. While red brick walls have a distinct charm, if the look of white brick has always been favored, make sure you incorporate that into your design scheme. Red brick is an ideal option for accent walls since it draws the eyes and serves as the focal point in any room. Brick walls add character to any room, serving either as the focal point or providing the background, which can either complement or contrast with other elements of a room.

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A brick wall can truly make your space stand out and feel more refined. A brick retention wall is enhanced with stone used throughout the landscape, wooden accents in the house, and plants, giving your whole layout a cohesive look. Check out this design for natural limestone masonry boundary walls. To highlight the natural elements of the brick, surround it with more of nature.

You could pair a brick wall with a dark wood custom-made frame, or even a chalkboard, creating shelves, or adorning it with mirrors and art. You are stripping your wall back to its magnificent brick character, which you can then shine and paint to give a smoother, uniform appearance. While you want to showcase your brick from your brick suppliers, you may as well bring in some color with artwork and other decorations. Another popular approach is applying a coat or two of paint right over the bricks so that you get a monochromatic wall, but still keep the lines and recessed areas of brick, which creates a funky, vintage look.

Try using brick veneer, drywall, wallpaper, or decals to make a short-term or long-term design solution that looks just like the real thing. Below are examples of natural, painted, weathered, or even fake bricks that could either add an Old World appeal or freshen up your space. You can give your space a worn, aged feel by using an irregular mixture of colors or stains (think Old Warehouse Brick). Even if your space is not blessed with exposed brick (hello, NYC lofts), you can still achieve a similar look yourself using Decorative Panels or Wallpaper.

There are plenty of living room ideas for exposed brick walls that you could try, but a brick wall indoors is quite popular in Indian kitchens as well. Exposed interior brick walls do not ever seem to go out of style, but they are seemingly more popular than ever because of the popularity of industrial lofts and boho chic styles. Architects and homeowners alike have been turning increasingly to magnificent brick walls in recent years, seeking consistency, distinct character, and timeless beauty in their living rooms. Whether real or fake (shhh…we are not telling), there is a reason exposed brick is one of the most sought-after elements when shopping for a house.

According to noted design director Candace Campos, who designed LA’s renowned SoHo home, the appeal of exposed brick walls lies in the fact that it is a material that is used throughout the architecture. An entire wall or ceiling made from exposed brick walls, with bright red facades, is an ideal juxtaposition for wood exteriors. Brick wall designs are versatile interior features that fit into a lot of different types of house aesthetics, including industrial, eclectic, Scandinavian, and modern. If you have brick walls in and/or on your home, it is important that you make sure that they are both durable and retain their aesthetic charm.

To start, it is worth noting that the surfaces of brick on the exterior experience far more potential wear than those found on the inside walls. To prevent serious water damage, you will want to re-seal the brick exterior. After sealing, you may wish to improve the aesthetics of your walls by doing a little interior paintwork.

Our experienced exterior designers can help you explore the best ideas to keep walls sealed, tailored specifically for your house. You can see the use of concrete brick in this kitchen accent wall and island, from a house designed by Studio SHED. Reclaimed wood and bricks work together to form an eclectic design that has plenty of textures and lots of details.