What Is A Wood Wool Ceiling Tiles

wood wool ceiling

Kryptonite offers Wood Wool Acoustic Ceiling Tiles and Wall Panels made of environmentally-friendly, recycled natural materials. Environmentally friendly, recycled natural materials. Materials such as cement are environmentally friendly, recyclable, and offer unique features for ceiling tiles and panels. BAUX Acoustics products incorporate the two oldest construction materials in the world, Wood and Cement, combined in cement-bound Wood Wool. JITEX wood-wool boards are a type of Acoustic board or acoustic panel made from pinewood fibres, stabilised with chemical encapsulation, and bound with cement binding agents in a cohesive compact structure.

Features of an Acoustic Board or Sound Panel As a Sound Insulating Material Wood wool boards have exposed faces that allow the sound waves to get in, then the sound is dissipated through their honeycomb structures. Silenced Acoustic Wood Wool ceiling panels also provide heat insulation, fire resistance, water resistance, and resistance to organic contamination. Acoustic boards or sound panels can be extremely effective even in a 2-panel setup, provided that it is placed properly according to advice/design by an Acoustic Consultant or Designer.

They are extremely robust, making them perfect for areas requiring high-impact acoustic solutions. They can be made of any size or thickness to suit the client’s requirements. We provide various options for you to choose from including a wide range of shapes and sizes that will fit in every kind of room of your house.

Magic Cube produces a wide range of products in the walls, ceilings, and floors, the different series of walls are available in different styles and materials, are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, and are designed to be classical and elegant. The magic cube is a manufacturing company and trader, which produces and primarily markets a wide range of wall, ceiling, and floor decoration materials. EducationOur companyMagic cube produces a wide range of decorative panels, wooden-wool ceiling tiles, noise-absorbing panels, carving panels, Kapok panels, aluminium PA panels, and other wood-based decorative materials. We are committed to researching foreign buyers’ manufacturing resources. Health(r) continues to collaborate with customers to satisfy their needs, come up with solutions for their problems, and explore Wood Wools’ potential in all possible construction scenarios.

wood wool ceiling tiles

Yes, we as the manufacturer, can manufacture Acoustic materials from your samples or drawings. Share your requirements with Gypsonite, and you will receive acoustic wall panels and ceiling tiles made of wood-wool fibres, available in various shapes and sizes, and at affordable prices. An environmentally friendly, sustainable, recyclable, fire-resistant, sound-absorbing architectural acoustic solution ready to work for you in any environment.

Acoustical Surfaces Inc. (ASI), the pioneer in sound management, is announcing its new wood wool wall and ceiling panels. Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. (ASI) takes sound control to new heights with the Acoustical Surfaces’ cutting-edge solutions for sound protection, acoustics, and control of noise and vibration. ASI serves commercial, industrial, education, home and OEM markets. Acoustical Surfaces is the industry leader for controlled sound, offering a broad array of acoustic products.

Envirocoustic(TM) Wood Wool Square Edge Ceiling Tiles are leading the Acoustical Panels category of products, being eco-friendly, highly efficient, and cost-effective sound suppressors, which control echo and reverberation for an improved room or spatial acoustics. Our AlphaSorb(r) wood-fibre-based Acoustic Ceiling Tiles are a green, affordable, sound-management solution for suspended drop-in grating applications.

The reinforced core of the wood fibres not only adds to the design diversity of a room but also decreases echo and reverberation to create an even better audio environment. These grid-like ceiling tiles are typically made from foam, while acoustic ceiling panels are also used to soak up sound and provide for a better working environment. Wooden ceiling panels are also available to give you that same classic look, as well as warm, welcoming vibes. With an optional rim design, using Wood Wool ceiling tiles can change the aesthetics, but also acoustics, of any indoor space.

The panels can even be painted in-field to fit into a colour scheme, while not losing any acoustic effectiveness. Keep your standard organic panels warm, natural wooden appearance, or select from a broad selection of colours.

Can be given a chalky, decorative finish, much like brick or concrete walls. This is the same type of tile that has been used in commercial, public, and residential buildings for years. The tiles are also very resistant to microbes and fungal growth, making them the perfect choice for various public or private spaces.

At Troldtekt, the emphasis on acoustic comfort and healthy indoor atmospheres leads to the quality of buildings. With Arborcoustic(r), it is possible to develop acoustics from wood fibres in a highly humid indoor environment.

Moisture-resistant materials equalize air moisture, either absorbing it or emitting it back to the ambient air. The homogeneous continuous porous structure has great resistance to airflow, particularly important for absorbing sound. A uniform continuous porous structure is formed naturally among fibre filaments.

The standard drywall and cycle panels are slanted, with tighter (+/-.005″) thickness tolerances than competitors. Standard-sized square edge ceiling tiles are available on short notice, ready for installation simply by dropping them in place over standard 15/16 H.D. Also, whereas competitive panels are typically not consistent in shape, ASI Envirocoustic Wood Wool panels are consistent with square corners, making installation easier and providing a cleaner final look.

Too much or too little density of volume is bad for audio absorption. Compared with other insulation materials, the resistance against fire may be as high as two hundred forty minutes depending on product thickness and installation.